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Combining years of musical experiences Brass Roots Trio offers their insight and encouragement in a set of MASTER CLASSES designed to inspire and enable budding musicians as well as those entering the professional field. The MINI-RESIDENCY, which includes master classes and a performance, allows students to interact and learn from Brass Roots Trio over a two day period.  Topics include or can be combined to include:


Brass Specific:

     A Singing Sound:  A Vocal Approach to Instrumental Performance

     Ease in the Upper Register

     Dynamics and Articulation

     Group lessons


General Audience:

     Finding Your Niche – Building a 21st century ensemble

     Marketing and Business

     Beyond The Score – Music with a broad appeal and personal commitment

     Unique instrumentation – Composing, Arranging, Commissioning


Rehearsal Tips:

     Who’s on first? – Breathing and moving together

     Reading vs. rehearsing

     Interpretation and Creation – How to develop consistency and spontaneity


Academic Perspective:

     Performance Practice and the modern ensemble

     Tracing our roots – Instrument development and musical arrangements

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