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Basic Requirements:

             • Tuned, Grand Piano of professional quality and Piano Bench.

             • Two [2] Music Stands.

             • One [1] Wireless Mike to set on piano (or if wireless is not available then two [2] Microphones & Stands.

             • Lighting System w/ General Wash + Lighting Engineer (where available).


Rehearsal Requirements:

             • Would like to be on stage for warm-up/rehearsal (with lighting and sound) 1 hour before house opens.


CD Sales:

             • A table to display CDs and if possible someone to help with sales during intermission and at end of concert.



             • Accommodations for 3 for up to 2  nights.


 Hospitality/Dressing Room/Backstage:

             • Two (2) private, dressing areas, which comfortably accommodate three (3) people, with three chairs and easy

                 access to  a bathroom.

             • The Artist requests running water, a mirror, and a box of tissues. 

             • This break/dressing area should be secure and safe to store merchandise and personal possessions, or a  

               lockup area must be provided. 

             • The dressing room/backstage area should have six (6) bottles of water, and some light snacks like fruit or

               crackers would be appreciated.

             • If this cannot be accommodated, please notify the Artist prior to the beginning of the engagement.



Thank you.   908.788.3017



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